Tuesday, July 25, 2017

We survived!

We outlasted the swarms of humanity, terrible traffic, dingy skies and hot summer temperatures in California and escaped to Nevada yesterday and Utah today.  Whew!

Juanita had a fair amount of quality time with her family members that were assembled from various locations to celebrate the life of her Mother who passed in July of last year.  My dear wife doesn't do well on boats, but was able to join her family members on her brother's sailboat to spread Mom's ashes in San Francisco Bay as she had requested.

While Juanita was taking care of family business, I kept the Beagle girls happy with walks and a couple of rides away from the motel.  The girls actually do very well in a motel environment, which requires that every noise from the adjoining rooms or hallway needn't push the bark or howl button.  That's not an easy thing for Beagles.

We left the Bay Area early yesterday morning just at the end of the commute and didn't have much trouble during our eastward trek to Winnemucca, NV.  It was fairly warm east of the Sierra's with the temperature falling just short of the century mark.  Early evening thundershowers cooled everything off quite nicely.

A shorter 377 mile drive today brought us to Layton, UT, which is located just south of Ogden.  Highway traffic was fairly light and the temperatures had dropped into the upper 70's to lower 80's....very comfortable for a day drive through NE Nevada and into Utah.

We pulled over at a rest area at the spectacular Bonneville Salt Flats to dewater both dogs and humans and to take advantage of the windless afternoon to take several aerial photos of the salt plain.  I took the DJI Mavic Pro quadcopter up to an altitude of 300 feet and took about six photos in different directions to capture the beautiful scene.

A bronze plaque located along side I-80 in Nevada provided the humor of the day.  I would think that the group that put this event memorial together would have at least done some editorial review before having it cast.  Apparently not.  Read the last sentence of the story and note the dedication date.

June 7, 6008...Really?

We are fed, the girls have been walked and we are relaxing after a very nice day on the road.  Tomorrow we are off to Island Park, ID and look forward to a week of travel in Yellowstone and surrounding area.  

We'll check back in with y'all again soon.................................

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