Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Port Orford Slim and wifey take a "vacation"

So, I have been missing from the blog scene for a good while now.  I'm not even sure why that has happened, other than the fact that I haven't been especially inspired to write.  I always have something to say about our activities...or lack thereof...and various interesting events, both personal and observed.  A few recent events, however, move me to bring all of our remaining blog friends up to date.

In the no news is good news category, my dear wife Juanita is holding at full remission after the six month long chemo series and subsequent bi-monthly maintenance treatments.  She is healthy, happy and probably much wiser than I.

Both of us began much needed diets in early February with terrific results.  I have lost well over 50# and Juanita nearly 40, allowing me to take the name "Port Orford Slim" in the blog title.

Port Orford Slim

In the other big news department, the owners of Port Orford RV Village took us out of the loop, so to speak, and put us into one of the side permanent spaces in the park.  We purchased the 8' x 8' shed owned by the previous tenant of the space, so Juanita finally has local storage for all of her quilting supplies and I have a shop with an 8' long bench, room for all of my tools and hobby stuff and a Generac 3.6 Kw emergency generator.  A guy couldn't ask for more.  Nor could wifey!

Being placed into a permanent space in the park implies somewhat more than I am willing to concede at this point in life.  I think J is happy to make this spot our home, while I am clinging to the truck keys with some uncertainty about the situation.  As each day passes, however, I am becoming more settled and can most certainly see advantages of making this our home off the road.  We are facing decision time early next year when we will either return to Texas to renew our drivers licenses or become Oregon residents.  Decisions....decisions......

I'm starting to get comfortable here!

Since I last wrote, I have purchased two new drones.  A larger DJI Phantom 4 Pro quadcopter is supplemented with a much smaller and portable DJI Mavic Pro.  Both are very capable photo and video platforms that have already been put to good use.

As to the subject of the title, we are going on a two week long "vacation" beginning Thursday morning.  Yes, we still take vacations, but a vacation for us retired folks is more a departure from daily routine than anything else.  Since the fifth wheel trailer had to be put into this space with a very large shoehorn, we are taking the truck only on the journey that starts with four days with family in the SF Bay Area.  

We will then turn the trusty Chevy east and make a rapid run through Nevada, Utah and Idaho to Yellowstone NP.  A nice small cabin located outside the park in Island Park, ID will provide a roof over our heads while we visit Yellowstone and other favorite places in the area like Ennis and Virginia City in Montana.  

I plan to put the portable drone to good use during this trip and will post some of the results in this blog and on Facebook.  Due to others who have abused the privilege, the FAA and National Park Service prohibit the use of drones in national parks, so ground based photos and videos will have to suffice.

So, as Arnold would say, "Hasta la vista baby".


  1. That is fantastic news about Juanita and you look fantastic. We totally understand about the setting down as we're getting older. We bought out new trailer (a destination trailer) for our lot in AZ and eventually will probably even spend part of the summers there. People do it all the time so I figure we'll get used to it. But for now we are still traveling in our little trailer for five to six months a year. Have a great time on your adventure.

    1. Thanks for the note Jim and Sandie! I'm not sure I would be able to extend visits to AZ into the late spring or early summer although I lived in Mesa for over two years some years ago. I was only in my 20's then and much more tolerant of extreme conditions. There is certainly something to be said for stability after years of travel here and there. I just don't feel as comfortable hauling 17,000# down the road as I did at one time. I'm sure you understand. We will keep you posted on our travels which begin very early tomorrow morning.