Friday, June 24, 2016

Hey, I Think I Will Make A Blog Entry

Realizing full well that most, if not all, of our readers have moved on to greener blog pastures, I will post a mega overdue entry anyway.  Our daily, weekly or even monthly activities offer little that would interest many of our friends, family or loyal readers, so I have entered the ultra stealth mode, only to make ourselves visible when there are enough developments to report.

This sunset at our current location in Winchester Bay, Oregon represents one of the notable developments.

One hundred and eighty degrees away from this spectacular scene, a full moonrise was also creating a stunning visual.

The Winchester Bay Marina RV Resort has been a favorite destination of ours for many years now....even before we began full time RV living over ten years ago.  We left Port Orford late last week for a two week "vacation" that includes visits with friends that we met here last year, fresh pies from Kitty's and the Sugar Shack, an afternoon at the annual Reedsport Chainsaw Carving Contest and other local activities and events.  I also brought along my new fat tire bicycle and take daily rides to work off all the pie.  I know, good luck with that!

To get a little "old" news out of the way, Juanita had her last chemotherapy session in early April and was happy with the very positive outcome of 100% remission at this point.  She will need bi-monthly non-chemo maintenance infusions for the next two years and found the first of these treatments completely side effect free. 

 I can't tell you how proud I am of the fortitude that wifey showed during the long six months of treatments.  She kept a positive outlook and big smile on her face despite the endless fatigue and other bothersome side effects.  She's a rock!!

With all of this behind her, Juanita has resumed work on a series of quilts, most of which are still works in progress.  She is looking forward to entering a couple of her quilts in the upcoming show for the 4th of July celebration in Port Orford.

I have continued my routine that I started in October of last year and still do most of the cooking, laundry and shopping.  I really enjoy baking with sourdough and usually make enough to share with friends around the RV park.  Other than that, I keep the cameras in action, both on the ground and in the air with my quadcopter.  Most of my recent aerial work has resulted in still photographs but I have plans for more videos in the near future.

Recent photos:

Cape Blanco State Park in fog

Bandon, Oregon offshore rocks

Port Orford from 400'

Another sunset in Winchester Bay

Offshore rocks south of Gold Beach

Abbey and Luna nose jamming in Port Orford

Garrison Lake in Port Orford

Using my Nikon D-7000, I also made a short video of some spring waterfalls along the Elk River near Port Orford.

After returning to Port Orford later this week, we plan to stay through the summer with a trip to Montana possible before fall sets in.  Since Juanita will have a regular schedule of medical treatments, we will spend another winter in Port Orford with short trips possible when we feel the need.  We don't have any plans to hang up our keys at this point and still have no problems hauling the rolling home here and there on a whim.

Because "grumblings" is part of my blog title, I will leave you with one.  It is a mystery to me how, from over 325 million residents in the US, we could have possibly ended up with two of the most despicable individuals that I could ever imagine as final candidates for President.  Maybe my geezer status is fogging my mind, but I just can't get my head around this.

So much for grumbling...all is well in the Pacific Northwest and I hope to get back to you again soon.  No promises!!