Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Looks like spring...feels like spring

Days since Juanita's return from her quilting retreat have been extraordinarily busy.  The weather has been perfect for all sorts of activities, many of them outdoors in the warm sunlight.

J had a fantastic time at her get away from the husband days in Gold Beach.  She made new friends, learned a few new quilting tricks and started a new project.  Since her return she has been working on a neat "quilted" jacket, which is really a reverse appliqué.  I'll try to talk her into putting a photo of the completed project on the blog.

I smoked nearly three pounds of beef jerky with mesquite wood on Monday after a thirteen hour soaking in a home made Kentucky Bourbon marinade.  The results were completely over the top and I put several more pounds in marinade this evening.  I will spend much of tomorrow smoking the beef for about four or five hours per batch.

I have already given away half of the first smoking and I'm sure that the aroma around our rolling home will draw park residents like flies tomorrow.  Oh well, I'll just keep making the stuff.

We drove up to Bandon this morning to pick up more wood cooking pellets, coffee beans from a local  roaster and some groceries.  I took my Gopro Hero 4 camera along for the ride and took about 40 minutes of video around the boardwalk and port area.  I spent about four hours this afternoon putting together the following video.

Good weather is in the forecast until the middle of next week, so I hope we can get out for more outdoor action.  I haven't taken the still camera out for a while.  Maybe it's time...................

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  1. Loved the video, Gordon. Hard for us to get our heads around green grass and flowering shrubs. Still pretty white in the East.
    Will look forward to a post from Juanita with her projects. They are always outstanding.