Saturday, February 14, 2015

Spring has sprung?

I realize that our good friends and family in the upper Midwest and Northeast part of the country won't appreciate my brag much, but it appears that spring has sprung on the south Oregon coast.  There is a little rain in the distant forecast but, for now at least, we can see only sunny mild days ahead.

Juanita treated me to a fine Valentine's Day breakfast this morning...or maybe it was the other way around and I treated her.  Regardless, she paid for an excellent meal at Port Orford's Tasty Kate's.  The chicken fried steak was tasty for sure and, considering the fact that I am on a diet, will be the last meal of the day.

We took our furry friends to Bullard's Beach State Park near Bandon a couple of days ago and documented our beach walk with a short video.  I am still experimenting with the Gopro Hero 4 camera, but 31 minutes of video had enough decent content to construct a 3 minute plus addition to my YouTube channel.

While I have gone on a major league reading binge on my Kindle, Juanita has continued a heavy duty schedule of quilting.  She is near completion of one project and has several more on the books for future efforts.  She has also signed up for a three day quilting retreat in Gold Beach, Oregon for the middle of next week.  She is a brave woman and can't imagine the destruction that the two Beagles and I can cause during her three day absence.

I have already completed one of two self assigned duties today...the holding tanks are clean and ready for another week of waste gathering.  After repairing the seal on the dining room window,  I will be allowed to enjoy the balance of the day.  Photo opportunities are calling out my name.......................

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