Monday, January 26, 2015

Why we spend a winter on the Oregon coast

Family and friends frequently ask us one question...why would we ever want to spend a winter on the Oregon coast?  The video I made from my flying tripod yesterday should be an adequate answer to the question.

Winter weather north of Coos Bay and inland can be rather dismal during winter months with more overcast and rain than we would like.  Even though the south coast of Oregon averages a little more than 70 inches of rain a year, long periods of clear and warm days are frequent.  In fact, winter weather in Port Orford is often better than during the summer months that feature frequent strong afternoon winds.

Daily temperatures in the winter range from the 40's at night to the mid to upper 50's during the day.  During the summer months about ten degrees can be added to these numbers.  Freezing night time temperatures are rare and seldom last for more than a few days at a time. 

We love the occasional powerful Pacific storm that creates fantastic massive coastal waves and drenches Port Orford with daily rainfall that would be the envy of most California residents.  The clear and fresh air after a storm is very refreshing.

I hope to get some aerial photos and videos outside the local area soon.............


  1. Loved the video Gordon. Guess you explained it perfectly why you like Port Orford.
    Sure beats a winter in New Hampshire in our books.


  2. Thanks Gordon,great memory hope get back there someday Lord willing.Bob