Friday, January 23, 2015

My turn for a quick post

Last night Juanita sat down and put together a short blog entry about her activities.  Tonight it's my turn.

A panorama photo from my Phantom Quadcopter taken about 320 feet above our current home park in Port Orford, Oregon

A very fine mid January break in the weather has allowed me to put the DJI Phantom 2 Vision quadcopter back in the air.  There has been very little wind and skies have been partly cloudy to clear for most of the week.  Summer-like weather is in the forecast, so a lot more flying is in my future.

I took the following video this evening from 400 feet over the RV park.  Because I was pointed right into the setting sun, land in the foreground is quite dark with a only few lights of town and the brighter surface of Garrison Lake visible.  If you watch the video in full screen mode, you can see the rocks of Orford Reef to the right of the video and Pacific Ocean surf just beyond Garrison Lake.  The sunset flight was my 50th and I am finally feeling somewhat secure putting the little flying machine in the air.

Everything is going well since our return from California and Arizona.  We have managed to replace most of the items that were lost in the luggage theft in Redding and have returned to the usual daily routine in Port Orford.

I had my first complete medical checkup in over nine years last week with mostly good results.  The doctor advised that the very slight out of normal range issues can be resolved by a reversal in age or the loss of some excess weight.  Since my geezer body can't return to past glory, I have embarked on a program to achieve the second recommendation.

We are beginning to make plans to get away from the coast for a little while around May 1.  Although we haven't completely settled on a destination yet, McCall, Idaho or Rapid City, South Dakota have risen to the top of the possibility list.  We'll make the final decision sometime next month and secure reservations for the excursion.

With great winter weather ahead, we should have some activities to report again soon.....................

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