Saturday, November 22, 2014

Yep...still here

Some of our friends have been wondering if we are still here.  In a word...YEP!
We have been doing very little worth writing about but have most certainly kept ourselves busy.  Quilting has consumed most of Juanita's time away from the usual household duties and photography, reading and walking the hounds has taken most of my time aside from dumping holding tanks and other rolling home maintenance.

Several storms have passed by during the weeks between blog entries.  The most notable of those hit the area yesterday.  Since this one was not nearly as strong as the damaging storm a couple of weeks ago, I was able to make some video from the end of the dock.  This area was under water during the last big wind and rain storm.

Peak wind in Port Orford yesterday was only about 50 MPH with nearly 4" of rain on the gauge as of this morning.  We are staying high and dry and the dogs are just fine after a quick fight with towels.

Juanita has wanted to visit Port Orford's RedFish restaurant for several years now, but her efforts in that regard have been thwarted by yours truly.  Well, I couldn't get away with that forever and she got her chance last Sunday morning.

The view from here is hard to beat!

Obviously, my dear wife was happy at the RedFish

The RedFish is the premiere eating establishment in Port Orford and, in my opinion, the accolades are well earned.  The food is excellent, the service is hard to beat and the view is extraordinary.  We will join several folks from the park at the RedFish for a Thanksgiving evening meal.

During the big damaging storm a couple of weeks ago, it became evident that the amateur radio repeater in town needed power back up.  The power to the communications system was out for just over six hours at the peak of the storm.  Although emergency service from local hams wasn't needed during this event, we decided to add battery backup to the equipment shed.  We should have enough power from the added battery bank to last at least a week if necessary.  We will add solar just as soon as we get enough cash in the local radio club coffers.

                                                                                   Battery back up for repeater.

I have flown my DJI Phantom 2 Vision quadcopter only briefly between recent storms but hope for more during the next couple of days.  It seems that main street media outlets have gone to war with devices like mine in recent weeks and it is difficult to get through a day without reports of idiots flying "drones" near airports, crowded stadiums or apartment house windows.

The FAA has already established regulations for operating radio control aircraft in public spaces.  The vast majority of pilots of these aircraft operate responsibly.  You never read about them.  I'm not sure what has caused the recent media interest in such craft but find that interest disturbing at best.

These wonderful flying devices have already provided assistance in emergency situations, assisted real estate brokers by showcasing their properties, have been used for land surveys and have provided thousands of spectacular aerial videos and still photographs shown on YouTube and Vimeo.  It would be a real shame if a few morons ruin this resource for all the folks that operate these flying machines properly.

I haven't felt compelled to join the hundreds of salmon fishermen "combat" fishing on the nearby Sixes and Elk Rivers.  Hopefully, fishing pressure will abate somewhat in upcoming weeks and allow me a space along the bank of one or both of these rivers.  I really want to put one or two nice salmon away in the freezer for future meals.

I will check back in with you all again soon.................................



  1. A couple of solar panels and a good charge controller would make that setup about perfect... But I don't have any idea how many days in a row it could end up being overcast... Sorry about the media jumping on your hobby flying activity... Maybe it will get old hat and they will move on.....

    1. Rod...we already have the panels and controller picked out. Just waiting for enough $$$ in the account to take care of the stuff. This area of the coast actually gets enough sunlight to keep us going...even during the winter months.

      I'm sure media will move on after drones get common enough to no longer be newsworthy. We can only hope that some drone flying dope doesn't cause major mayhem before then......

  2. So sorry we missed the Redfish sounds like a great place to eat.Glad your enjoying Port Orford. Have a great thanksgiving. Martee-jo and Bob