Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Testing the new camera stabilizing system

After a series of rain and wind storms, weekend weather improved considerably and allowed me a little flight time with my DJI Phantom 2 Vision quadcopter.  It gave me a good opportunity to put the new Rotorpixel gimbal to the test at nearby Agate Beach.

Initial videos with the stock camera system included a good deal of roll and pitch movements that required considerable post processing.  Stabilizing the video with various programs created other issues that made them difficult to enjoy in my opinion.

Because of these problems I ordered a 2-axis gimbal from Rotorpixel in Canada.  I installed the new unit a couple of weeks ago, but only got in a very short test flight before the weather fell apart.  I was eager to give it a good test this past weekend.

The flights at Agate Beach gave me plenty of space to put the Phantom through various maneuvers to determine if the roll and pitch movements had been removed.  Success!

I had to make several adjustments between flights that removed a slight vibration from the camera.  These adjustments were easily made and cleared up the problem as far as I can tell.  I noticed some yaw movement in the video clips that can probably be avoided with more practice on the controls. Rotorpixel has a add-on kit for the third (yaw) axis available in the near future.  I will review my need for that addition when it's available.

Rain has returned to the south Oregon coast putting my flying machine back in the hanger.  I am hoping for more good weather between storms and want to take the Phantom to interesting places for flight videos and still photography.

In the meantime, recent rains have caused some flow in local small rivers and Chinook have begun their long awaited Fall run.  I will check out a few nearby hotspots on the Elk and Sixes Rivers soon. My dear wife would appreciate a couple more salmon in the freezer for winter meals.  So would I.

I'll check back in with a fishing and flying report soon.........................


  1. Good luck with the salmon fishing. We stocked up on crab meat and shrimp when we were back east.

  2. Great video. I liked the spiral and the spider shadow towards the end. The spider was the shadow of the copter.
    Safe flying and catch a lot of salmon.

    1. Rex...I tried to get more of the shadow in the shot but could only reach up so high to grab the quad. I usually let it land on hard surfaces but grab it from the air over sand. Don't want any grit in the four motors!! The test was a bit boring as far as changing scenery is concerned, but I wanted to check out the full range of motion while keeping my flying machine within sight. Better stuff should follow soon....

  3. We are so enjoying your "movies". It gives us a totally different view of Port Orford and not at all how I had pictured it from your photos you posted on your travel blog.
    Thanks for sharing and hope you and Juanita have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    1. Happy TG to you also Judy!

      I hope to have improved videos as I get more practice taking and processing them. It's hard to teach an old geezer new tricks...but I am trying. As weather allows, I am really looking forward to taking the aerial photo platform to some spectacular places. Stay tuned......