Friday, May 1, 2015

So long Port Orford...Hello Newport

Well, it has been a while since the wheels have rolled on our little roving home.  In fact, we arrived in Port Orford on May 1 of last year.

Despite the fact that it has been an entire year since we have packed and prepared the fifth wheel trailer for travel,  our mental check lists were fully operative and we didn't seem to pass up any necessary tasks.  It went far smoother than I expected.

We left Port Orford at a rather civilized time at just past 9 AM and arrived at the Port Of Newport RV Park at 1PM after  an easy and uneventful drive up the Oregon coast.  The 147 mile drive was well within our usual maximum daily range and we got everything set up and fully operating in very short order.

All set up in Newport, Oregon

The weather was almost perfect for the short drive, except for a stout headwind of about 25-30 MPH. The wind speed continued to increase after our arrival in Newport and I was nearly blown off my feet during the last outing with our two furry friends.

We have previously visited this park, which is essentially a large parking lot with long spaces located between narrow planted strips of native coastal vegetation.  Interior roads and spaces are all paved and we have all the usual RV park stuff including decent cable TV and marginal WiFi.  We will remain for five nights before moving another 150 miles north to Long Beach, Washington.

My expectation that hauling the big heavy trailer down the road after a long layoff would be uncomfortable at the very least was unrealized.  Well, at least I didn't run over or hit anything!  Traffic was light and I fell back into the towing routine instantly.  It felt like I had done this just last week.

We plan to spend time checking out the sights in the area and I will be back in a day or two with photos and, if the wind would ever stop blowing, possibly a nice aerial video.  We'll see............

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