Wednesday, April 8, 2015

We're still around....I think!

OK, I know.  It has been far too long since I have posted to the blog.  We have really been busy doing mostly nothing worth writing about.  There have been a few highlights during the past several weeks, however, so here I am.

The big news of the day is that my dear wifey has officially reached the golden years and was able to drop very expensive health care for the much more affordable Medicare and supplemental insurance. We will celebrate with a nice dinner this evening at Edgewaters in Bandon.

While attending her monthly meeting at the Quilters Corner yesterday, Juanita was presented with a nice gift that I had purchased at the shop the previous day.  She was completely surprised and I got a lot of positive reviews as a wonderful husband from the ladies in the group.

We enjoyed a short visit by two long time travel friends last Thursday.  Tom and Ruth were able to spend a couple of hours with us on their way out to Tennessee.  They were fortunate to pass through the area just prior to a big spring storm that hit the area this weekend.

The cold storm brought 3.26" of rain to the park and, finally, a little snow to the mountains of Oregon and California.  Better late than never I guess.

Back at the beginning of the year I set out a goal to lose 20# before seeing my doctor again in April.  The scale revealed that I accomplished that and a little more yesterday morning.  I'm not doing anything special in this effort, other than pushing myself away from the plate sooner rather than later. It works!

I won't give weekly or even monthly updates about my weight reduction program but will certainly let you know when I reach my next goal.  I expect to drop 20# more by my birthday in September and, hopefully, another 15# by the end of the year.  If I do all that, I will be too buff to believe.  Well, I can always dream anyway!

We are starting to make travel preparations and will be leaving Port Orford on May 1.  After spending a few days in Newport, Oregon, we are scheduled to arrive in Long Beach, Washington on May 6 for a two month visit.  While there, we look forward to seeing old friends, visiting interesting new places and seeing a couple of Juanita's relatives who live in the area.

During a break in the weather several days ago, I took the Gopro Hero camera out for some exercise at nearby Cape Blanco State Park.  It took several hours to process the video clips, but I am slowly getting more comfortable with Adobe's Premiere Pro proccessing system.  I hope to get a few more aerial videos soon as well.

I hope to get a couple more blog posts made before our departure, but no promises.


  1. Neat Bluegrass tune for the video...

    1. The band, Old & In The Way, played some great stuff some years ago with Jerry Garcia as the banjo player. I heard them play live in very small venues many years ago.

  2. Love the video! Would be nice to see you guys again. For some reason I was thinking about the time we helped you celebrate your anniversary at a restaurant east of Mercedes. Couldn't remember the town or the name of the restaurant, but do remember that it was nice and we sure enjoyed that evening with you guys.
    Have a great trip, travel safe, and keep up the good work with videos, etc.
    hugs to both of you.

    1. Good to hear from you E&M! I still have photos of our anniversary dinner with you at the Lone Star in Harlingen. Good time and fine friends to help us celebrate. We are doing much the same as you right now...packing and rearranging the basements and preparing the rig for travel. It will be good to be rolling again, even if for just a short distance before lowering the jacks again. Travel safe and enjoy the spring with family and friends in MO. Hugs from Oregon.