Thursday, December 4, 2014

Just relaxin' in the rain

Except for one dry day this past Sunday, we have had pretty much daily rain since my last post.  Not that we're complaining.  We love the rain!

Having said that, the 7.32" of "moisture" that fell on Thanksgiving Day and Friday was a bit over the top, even for this part of the country.  Coastal vegetation and local wild critters are thriving in all the wet stuff however, and annual rainfall totals are approaching normal.

Temperatures have been fairly warm by late Fall standards.  We saw only one morning last week with frost on the pumpkin and other low temperatures have been in the upper 40's to low 50's.

The Thanksgiving meal at the RedFish Restaurant in Port Orford was outstanding...and my dear wife didn't have to cook or wash dishes.  All four courses were over the top, the service was exceptional and we loved watching the raging weather from our window side table.

Beautiful clear blue skies on Sunday just called out for a flight or two with my DJI Phantom 2 Vision aerial photography platform, so I took her outside to play.  I had a great time processing about 20 minutes of video into a short YouTube tour of our home RV park in Port Orford.

I still have some work to do on controlling the yaw motion of the flying machine but have made improvements with the video processing features using Adobe Premiere Pro CC.  This geezer is learning more all the time...almost enough to be dangerous.

We have spent the days around the holiday just relaxing, reading, quilting, walking the two active hounds and dealing with a few rolling home maintenance items.  The RV toilet I ordered online before the holiday arrived on Friday.  I just replaced the old unit with the same model and the installation was simple, quick and fairly inexpensive.

Just in time for the next full moon, Saturday is forecast to be clear and dry and a good opportunity to visit the annual Christmas light display at Shore Acres State Park near Charleston, Oregon.  I am planning to take my GoPro Hero 4 Silver camera along and might be able to share with you an interesting video of our excursion.

Check back with us on Sunday or Monday for the Christmas lights................


  1. I would call you skills with the flying machine very professional....... And I suspect with the contact information at the end of the vid that your park owner is quite happy that you are so skilled as well....

    1. Rod...I asked the owner if he would like a little note at the end. Of course he said yes. Since this is a private park, I thought it reasonable to ask if I could publish the video...and give the place a little plug as well.

      This one was fun to put together and I am looking forward to Saturday's effort. Videos of the Christmas lights have previously been posted, but my camera is well suited to night work and I expect some pretty interesting results.

  2. I swear I cannot figure this blog out when it comes to comments. Sometimes it asks me to sign in, other times not. I am working with Google but I feel Google is not working with me.
    I have no idea if my comment went or not, but just in case it didn't, I will tell you again
    that I love, love, loved the video. Especially the guy walking to the dumpster. LOL
    Great advertising for the park as well.
    When you put your little bird into a spin, I confess to being dizzy.

    Hi To Juanita, looking forward to some pictures of her quilting. Have a wonderful Christmas and winter. Looking forward to more posts.