Saturday, October 4, 2014

A bummed out wife

So, when the dear wife is bummed out, everybody is bummed out.

Although the bummed outedness (is that even a word?) was only for a brief time, the occasion was unusual in our little household.  Horror of horrors, Juanita's wonderful sewing machine suddenly  began making a thread rats nest instead of nice neat stitches.  A trip to the sewing machine hospital in Coos Bay was put on the schedule...and, as luck would have it, I was not feeling all that well at the time.

Dear wife without a sewing machine is like a duck without paddle feet.  She has risen from her funk but is just a bit shiftless while waiting for parts to arrive and repairs to be made.  Worst of all, the machine might be in the shop for a while.

Juanita has borrowed a machine from another park guest but hasn't been able to make it work to her satisfaction.  Somehow, she'll make do and the world will be right again.

I managed to pull another nice Chinook salmon from the Coquille River and put it in the smoker after  twelve hours in a brine solution.  The resulting smoked fish was excellent and we even managed to put some in the freezer to enjoy later.

A nice load of Chinook salmon on the smoker.

The new gimbal that will stabilize the video camera on my DJI Phantom 2 Vision quadcopter shipped from Canada yesterday and will arrive sometime late next week.  I am eager to put higher quality video clips on the blog.  In the interim, I have been taking aerial photos of the area and practicing basic flying maneuvers to use when I can resume making videos.

Battle Rock and Port Orford

                                                                                       Visitor center in Port Orford.

Our summer (this year winter also) home.

I will join friends again early next week for another fishing expedition on the beautiful Coquille River.  The scenery along the river is enough to make even poor fishing day.  Hwy 101 bridge crosses river just to the east of Bandon.

A spectacular morning on the river.

Weather conditions in Port Orford have returned to warm and sunny after the one decent rain storm.  The current dry spell with daily high temperatures somewhat higher than usual in the low 80's shouldn't cause a return to high fire danger.  Mornings are cool and damp with dew enough to keep plant life moist.  I don't see any large rain events in the ten day forecast as yet.  That can always change however.

We are looking forward to spending the fall and winter months here and never know what to expect.  Last winter was very mild in the area with only half the usual rainfall of just over 70 inches.  I don't expect a repeat of that and hope to photograph big winter storms and the resulting huge ocean waves.

I'll let you know when Juanita gets that big smile back on her face.....................................



  1. I remember from when I used to do a lot of sewing, that a machine on the fritz is a real bummer. Hope it gets fixed soon and Juanita is back to doing what she loves to do.

    Fall and winter on the coast sounds exciting and I look forward to hearing about it.

    1. Gypsy...Juanita is chomping at the bit to get her machine back from the electric hospital but keeping busy nonetheless.

      We'll keep you posted on the exciting weather events along the Oregon coast this winter. If you consider warm days exciting, it reached a very warm 88 degrees here today...very unusual for a fall day along the coast.


    These wackos see drones as privacy violators and will shoot them down if they are close enough to the ground....

  3. Rod...a couple of things are going on here. The media has become fixed on drone stories for some reason or another and it's difficult to miss at least one anti-drone story a day from someplace or another. Also, some idiot RC aircraft pilots insist on flying without consideration of other folks. Common courtesy, if applied, keeps most pilots away from crowds and places where operating these devices causes noise or visual problems.

    Other than one or two "nice target" jokes, everyone watching me fly has been intrigued by the technology and abilities of my quadcopter. I also keep up to date on no fly zones and would never chase domestic or wild animals or spy on people in their homes. That does nothing but create more adversaries for this enjoyable hobby.

  4. I feel bad for Juanita. I would feel that way without my computer. So I hope she is smiling big very shortly. Thanks for your answer to Rod because I was wondering about that.

    1. Sandie...the one thing I failed to mention to Rod is the spectacular aerial video and still photo work being done by thousands of RC flying machines. Some of the Fall photos coming from pilots/photographers around the world are just stunning. I wish I could do half as much...........

  5. Hey Gordon - apparently my blog's been picked up by the Bullards Beach staff. One of them read the comments and stopped by to tell me that drones are not permitted in Oregon State Parks. I haven't seen anything on this....

  6. I have already checked. Your staff member is mistaken. UAV's (drones to some folks) are not allowed in National Parks only....Oregon has only passed a law covering the use of police drones and has not made any restrictions as yet to hobby craft.

    Hope to see you soon......