Thursday, August 7, 2014

Worked my butt off........................

Oops, I forgot...I don't have a butt to work off any more.  So much for being a geezer!

This big guitar sculpture stood at the entrance to the first Cape Blanco Country Music Festival held this past weekend just north of Port Orford, Oregon.  Between 15 and 18 thousand folks (depending on who you ask) spent three days and nights in the open fields just east of Cape Blanco State Park enjoying the sounds produced by 13 music groups.  I have to tell was windy, windy, windy!!! That is nothing unusual for this time of year on the coast however.  

A crowd begins to gather in front of the main stage.

The workstation for the three day event.

Now, I have to tell you in all honesty, my job sucked!  Two four hour long shifts and one eight hour shift (a bunch of a..h... volunteers from Port Orford failed to show up) pretty much destroyed my feet, knees and back...not to mention my  psyche.  And what am I ever to do with a damaged psyche??

Stinky, grimy country music fans spent $5 for ten minutes of shower time.  My duty was to sell and take tickets for the short, hot deluge of refreshing water and to sanitize the enclosure between every user.  Not fun!

The people, however, were a real hoot!  Many of you who know me well have been subjected to my not always appropriate sense of humor.  That people play was all that kept me sane at my work station.  Fortunately I didn't start any fights or cause much embarrassment, but I did have a good time messing with the folks. 

I won't give you all the details, but occasionally folks in the shower failed to lock the door, giving indication of an empty shower that needed cleaning.  The full monty wasn't an unusual eyes also need to recover from the trauma as you can well imagine.

My coworkers from the Port Orford Amateur Radio Club were subjected to the same harassment...not sure if they will work with me again.  Haha!

I took a little time off to check out some of the 22 food vendors and added a few pounds to my substantial girth with a fantastic tri-tip sandwich slathered with grilled onions, a wood fired pizza, a bucket of fresh donuts and a chocolate dipped peanut covered vanilla bar.  Trying to keep the pizza from blowing south in the strong wind, I burned the heck out of my mouth.  It is just now healing.

Some of the food vendors.

Well, it's now Thursday.  My feet, knees and back feel almost normal again...not that they don't hurt at least a little all the time.  That's another subject for a geezer rant....

Bi-Mart, the sponsor for this event, has already sold a huge number of tickets for a festival next year.  Will I be there?  Who knows.



  1. Ok. I will try this again, for the third time!!

    Sounds to me like your "hard work" at the festival pretty much turned out as you had hoped; aka, an occasional "full monty". woo hoo!

    Like the new blog format, very pretty, interesting, and well laid out. Good job, as usual.

    Miss you already, although I can drool in peace!


    1. Ann..all my hard work paid off for sure. Hey, we even got paid for this! LOL!